Thinking About Child Language


Thinking About Child Language is a collection of essays which offer a fresh perspective on current research and clinical practice.
Each essay concludes with discussion questions and activities for self-guided learning.

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Research to Practice

By Judith Johnston, Ph.D.

For Professionals and University Students

Each section delves into current issues and challenges conventional thinking. Readers feel engaged in a conversation with a mentor who shares insights reflecting clinical and research experience. Sections and topics include:

  • Foundations of Practice: factors that influence language development, evidence-based practice, deciding what works, and evaluating the evidence.
  • Language Disorders: pitfalls and promises in studying child language, the morphology gene, language formulation, memory, intelligence and cognitive processing, and illusory recovery from language impairment.
  • Auditory Perception and Language Disorder: what is language comprehension, the CAPD debate, and evaluating auditory processing intervention.
  • Assessment: influence of fashion and funding in diagnostic labels, diagnostic categories and public policy, new uses of MLU, dynamic assessment, why and how to test, value of narrative assessment, and how to assess the narrative.
  • Intervention Issues: fit, focus, and functionality; reinforcement or motivation; Applied Behavioral Analysis; toddlers learning to learn; grammar books; math concepts; best route to reading; collaborating with parents; sign language; and nursery rhymes.
  • Facilitating Vocabulary Growth: verb development, inflection development, and morphological bootstrapping.
  • Responding to Diversity: cultural influences on language and reading development, identifying cultural differences, culturally adapted practice, bilingual instruction, and effects of bilingualism and public policies.

Includes language development chart and a list of commonly used tests.
350 pages. Softcover.