Guide to Analysis of Language Transcripts (3rd Edition)


Guide to Analysis of Language Transcripts is now in its third edition! This updated text is more reader-friendly and includes analysis practice on CD-ROM too.

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By Kristine S. Retherford, Ph.D.

For Professionals

Readers learn classic semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic analysis, plus the opening chapter thoroughly explains the collection and transcription of conversation speech samples. GALT presents hundreds of helpful example utterances (with full explanations) plus four transcriptions for analysis. The accompanying CD-ROM supplies practice for eight analysis types with over 500 additional practice exercises. Get feedback, such as automatic scoring and a running work log to show progress, that you need in order to learn each procedure.

Includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Guide
Chapter 2: Semantic Analysis
Chapter 3: Syntactic Analysis
Chapter 4: Pragmatic Analysis

This 336-page, spiral-bound, classic text is the ultimate authority on language transcription.