Evaluating and Enhancing Children’s Phonological Systems


Barbara Hodson’s text provides a reader-friendly yet comprehensive foundation in understanding phonological development, assessment, and treatment planning.

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By Barbara Williams Hodson, Ph.D.

ISBN #978-0-615-31043-5

This reader-friendly textbook includes a discussion of phonological theories, major issues, and controversies in the area of phonology. Clinical examples give readers a clear understanding of assessment and intervention with a client who has a severe phonological disorder.

Parts I and II provide a comprehensive foundation in phonological development, assessment, and treatment planning. Part III presents a unique focus on evaluation and treatment considerations for children with highly unintelligible speech. Part IV looks to the future with an exploration of cutting-edge research and current issues in the field. Students and practitioners will gain a clear understanding of phonological disorders including the special challenges when planning and implementing treatment for a child who is unintelligible. Chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction & Overview
  • Chapter 2: Review of Phonetics
  • Chapter 3: Acquisition of Speech Sounds & Phonological Patterns
  • Chapter 4: Overview of the Diagnostic Evaluation Process for Children with Highly Unintelligible Speech
  • Chapter 5: Overview of Intervention Approaches, Methods & Targets
  • Chapter 6: Enhancing Children’s Phonological Systems- The Cycles Remediation Approach
  • Chapter 7: Client Example- Phonological Intervention
  • Chapter 8: Phonological Awareness- Implications for Children with Expressive Phonological Impairment
  • Chapter 9: Phonological Theories
  • Chapter 10: Major Clinical Phonology Issues, Concerns & Research Needs

Other experts in the field contributing to the chapters include Hal Edwards, Julie Scherz, Margot Kelman, Kathy Strattman, Gail Gillon, and Mary Louise Edwards. The foreword is by Elaine Paden.