Generating Fluent Speech


A highly effective therapy program proven to decrease average level of disfluency and degree of struggle, avoidance, and expectation of stuttering. Generating Fluent Speech works because it is based on sound theory and practice.

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A Comprehensive Speech Processing Approach

By Barbara Dahm

Grades 4 and Up

Achieve natural-sounding fluent speech with your clients through this holistic, structured therapy approach. This approach involves integrating motoric, linguistic, and cognitive processes into an efficiently functioning system that generates fluent speech. Specific exercises and activities, combined with education, shape attitudes and feelings about a person’s role as a speaker and how the environment affects speech performance.

The author spent years refining her treatment approach with clients who stutter and presents results from her own longitudinal study of clients in her clinic in Israel.

Kit Includes:

  • Clinician’s Guide – Softcover, 303 pages,
    47 exercises for improving speech processes
  • Client Manual – Softcover, spiral-bound, 259 pages. Describes the theoretical approach perspective of the program and clearly outlines the goals and procedures.
  • Video – Basic Speech Processing Goals (51 minutes)
    Highlights all the key concepts in the program and presents before/after examples of 3 clients.
  • Video – Self-Test of Basic Speech Processing Goals (35 minutes)
    Allows clinicians to evaluate their ability to provide accurate feedback to clients regarding their speech processes.
  • Stopwatch
  • Sturdy Plastic Tote Box