Fluency River Fluency Board Game


Fluency River is a fluency game that uses a river and its components to help students ages 5-9 learn about stuttering and become more fluent speakers.

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By Marlee Colquitt and Cheris Frailey

Grades K – 4

The goal of the game is for students to become comfortable with their speech and gain confidence by using fluency strategies to continually improve their speech. Up to eight players may play at a time. Fluency River will make an exciting and challenging supplement to your fluency therapy programs, kits, and guides. Fluency River includes:

  • Teacher Booklet with River Template
  • Game Board (16 ½” x 16 ½”) with Spinner
  • 8 Character Raft Playing Pieces
  • 50 Ear Training Cards (25 Fluent-Flowing River Speech Cards and 25 Disfluent Bumpy River Speech Cards)
  • 175 Unemotional Fluency Stimulus Cards (Words, Phrases, Sentences, Carryover)
  • 150 Emotional Fluency Stimulus Cards (Words, Phrases, Sentences, Carryover)
  • 30 Fluency Strategy Cards