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Quick Drills for Fluency Shaping Skills Flipbook
By Kristin A. Chmela, M.A., CCC-SLP
Grades 1-8

Fluency Flips is a convenient, all-in-one flipbook that will help you teach students strategies for smooth speech-plus online audio samples of the author producing each of the targeted skills provide a model for perfecting your teaching techniques.

This easy-to-manipulate flipbook has no cumbersome pieces or parts to carry with you from session to session. Plus, the easel-stand base makes the activities on each page easy for both you and your student to see.

Fluency Flips guides students step-by-step through the Easier Relaxed Approach as presented by renowned fluency expert Kristen A. Chmela. Students practice beginning words, phrases, and sentences smoothly using four fluency-shaping skills:

  • Easy vowel onset

  • Light consonant contact

  • Continuous sound

  • Pausing

Instruction is straightforward with the book’s simple directions, visual cues, and practice pages for carryover and generalization. The divider tabs allow quick access to specific skills.

Also, the first two sections of Fluency Flips include a Tool Rope activity to help students learn and distinguish the three types of onsets:

  • Hard glottal onset or a sound pop/press

  • Regular onset

  • Easy vowel onset or gentle touch

Tool Rope activities increase a student’s awareness of the tension present in the vocal cords and articulators at the onset of speech.

With this comprehensive, 124-page book (7 1/8″ x 5 1/2″), students will be practicing smooth and easy speech in no time!