“Help Me Talk Right” L Sound


Free of technical jargon and easy to use, this book is for speech pathologists, speech assistants, and parents who wish to teach a child how to say the “l” sound and use it in conversation.

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How to Teach A Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons

By Mirla G. Raz, M.Ed.

Grades: 2-6

Want a resource to help remediate a child’s /l/ sound?  Then this book is for you!  Everything you need to know about teaching a child to say and use the “l” sound is clearly shown in a step-by-step format. Each lesson builds upon the successes of previous lessons so that the child is challenged to use the “l” more often until she is able to use it in conversation.

You’ll get:

  • 15 easy-to-use, organized lessons (10 to 30 minutes each)
  • Pre-lesson and progress checklists
  • Worksheets for lesson that may be duplicated
  • Troubleshooting ideas for children having difficulty learning /l/