Contextualized Language Intervention: Scaffolding PreK-12 Literacy Achievement


Learn how to use meaningful literacy activities without losing your therapeutic focus.

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By Teresa Ukrainetz, Ph.D.

Grades PreK-12

A breakthrough resource for speech-language pathology students and practitioners, Contextualized Language Intervention guides readers in providing intervention in the context of meaningful, literacy-based activities while still maintaining a therapeutic focus. Leaders in the field explain methods grounded in sound theory and backed by scientific research. Each chapter contains practical ideas you can use tomorrow to develop students’ skills in:

  • Narrative and Expositive Structures
  • Morphosyntax
  • Vocabulary
  • Peer Interactions
  • Culture of the Classroom
  • Emergent Literacy
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Readers Theatre and Children’s Literature
  • Text Comprehension
  • Self-Regulation

Leading experts describe intervention methods that emphasize RISE: Repeated opportunities for Intensive interaction with systematic Scaffolding of Explicitly targeted skills. Readers learn to maintain a therapeutic focus while engaging children in meaningful, literacy-based activities.

IDEA and NCLB require research-based intervention that targets progress in the curriculum. Each chapter of Contextualized Language Intervention gives you exactly that. You get clear descriptions and examples of motivating, curriculum-based intervention that maintain a therapeutic focus.