DOT Phonological Awareness


DOT Phonological Awareness provides an array of dot and daub activities to strengthen pre-reading skills at the word, syllable, and phoneme level.

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Fun Sheets, Daubers & CD-Rom

By Rachele Ellsworth, M.S., CCC-SLP

Grades PreK and Up

Which word begins with a “p” sound…dog, pear, or ball? Let your students figure it out! DOT Phonological Awareness is the ultimate phonological awareness resource book containing reproducible interactive game sheets designed to improve essential skills in the following areas:

  • discrimination of rhyming words
  • production of rhyming words
  • blending of syllables
  • segmentation of syllables
  • deletion of syllables
  • discrimination of phonemes
  • identification of phonemes
  • identification of position of phonemes
  • blending of phonemes
  • segmentation of phonemes
  • deletion of phonemes
  • addition of phonemes

Activities are comprehensive and hierarchical in nature. This 226 page book is ideal for those students who are pre-readers or students who need additional assistance in the area of phonological awareness. Includes a CD-ROM that allows you to print pages from the book.

Students love to use their ink daubers to dot up their game sheets while practicing these crucial skills. Don’t bore your students with pencil and paper worksheets–motivate them by using DOT Phonological Awareness!