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Artic Games & More is flexible enough to be used with most children in your caseload, whether your clients are working on articulation, phonology, vocabulary, or word finding.

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Ages 3-13

These 8 software games will keep children glued to their seats and asking for more articulation practice time! Each of the games can be played with one of 4 focus areas: articulation, phonology, content, or confrontation naming.

Individualized lessons using the unique word choice and saving features create lesson plans as you wish and return to them whenever you want.  Planning was never so easy! Includes 550 words and graphics for these 8 games:

  • Word Practice
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Secret Decoder
  • Match Ups!
  • Lotto
  • What’s Different?
  • Puzzle
  • Sorter

System Requirements

Mac OS 7 or OS 8/9: PowerPC processor; 8-12 MB available RAM; microphone to record voices

Windows Windows 95/98/ME/2000XP; Pentium processor; 12-16 MB RAM; microphone to record voices