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If you are looking for a neat, easy way to teach early phonics skills, we have something for you. Each of these kits are designed to teach a specific skill and come in a sturdy box with drawers for organized storage and access.

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Alphabet, Beginning Sounds,Word Families, and Beginning Blends

Grades PreK – 2

Phonics Center Alphabet includes 52 extra thick, 1 3/4″ tall rubber letters, and 27 colorful activity mats to accompany the letters. The player puts the upper and lower case letters on the mat with a picture of an object that starts with that letter.

Phonics Center Beginning Sounds includes 70 soft picture tiles that work with the 26 A-Z letter cards to match tiles, too. Children learn the sounds of the alphabet by identifying the initial sounds in words. Activity guide included.

Phonics Center Word Families includes 70 soft picture tiles that represent the onset of words that have the same ending. Players discover word patterns by placing the tiles on the board matching word endings.

Phonics Center Beginning Blends includes 70 soft picture tiles to match 26 beginning blends on double-sided mats. Children learn to identify initial blends and digraph word sounds and are able to distinguish between them. Includes activity guide.