Magnetic Word Bits


Use the 138 words in this portable, magnetic set to help students understand the differences in sounds and practice phonics by matching sounds to letters and words.

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Grades K and Up

Children can learn to read
and spell better through phonics. Our
Magnetic Word Bits organizer makes the
process easier. The organizer’s designed-in storage areas
make it simpler and less frustrating for kids to find the magnets they’re
looking for as they put various beginning and ending word sounds together. Through this process, kids will begin to
explore and recognize different word families and patterns. The easily portable set of over 135 magnets
includes "onsets" (beginning consonants, blends, and digraphs) and
"rimes" (rhyming word endings). The magnets are color coordinated to
distinguish between long and short vowel sounds. Quality vinyl storage bag helps prevent loss of pieces.