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Capture your students’ growth and progress using Creative Portfolios to measure and spotlight work, goals, and accomplishments in communication.

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Putting a Spotlight on Communication Reproducible Activities

By Jane Urbelz, Toni Prada, and Linda Schreiber

Grades 2-9

This 218-page book has reproducible forms for gathering samples in areas including:

  • Articulation
  • Fluency
  • Syntax
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Narrative skills
  • Goal setting
  • Social communication
  • Voice

Learn three systems for organizing portfolios. Let’s Talk Shop, the communication magazine, organizes and shares student work on a quarterly basis, corresponding to IDEA requirements. Students see and hear themselves with Video Portfolios, developing self-monitoring skills, as well as increasing self-confidence. Journal Portfolios offer wonderful visual reminders and interesting new ways to monitor practice and progress.

Using portfolios, students self-evaluate and self-regulate their own learning. In addition, metacognitive skills are stimulated because students choose and then organize their work samples. The resulting portfolio helps document progress as required by IDEA.
In addition, you’ll get ideas for spotlighting your own accomplishments in an educator portfolio system with content suggestions for:

  • Motivation and effective teaching ideas.
  • Favorite quotes from students.
  • Personal and professional accomplishments.
  • CEU documentation.
  • Caseload statistics.

Educator portfolios help you beat burn-out and document professional growth.