Class-LinksTM Activities for Tier 1 Literacy Instruction


Captivate student attention with discovery learning that includes engaging and fun classroom activities supported by colorful displays for word study, reading, and writing.

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  • Explicitly and systematically teach word-study knowledge, skills, and strategies
  • Improve word decoding and reading fluency
  • Build vocabulary
  • Strengthen writing
  • Identify students who require more intensive (Tier 2 & Tier 3) instruction


  • Spiral-bound book (85 pages) with step-by-step scripted activities
  • 6 grade-level story books
  • 1120 strategy stickers
  • 1 classroom poster
  • 1 laminated teacher’s desktop guide
  • 1 companion CD-Rom with digital display files for interactive large group instruction, reproducible materials, Home Link activities and more