Magnetalk Feelings Game


This multi-use magnetic game helps young ones talk about their emotions.

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By Sharon G. Webber

Grades PreK and Up

Magnetalk Feelings is a multi-use magnetic game to help young ones talk about their emotions. For one activity, place one of six “feelings scenes” in the center of the board. Have your child choose a “feelings” magnetic tile that goes with the picture, and have him/her talk about the scene. For added fun, have the child pick a tile that shows how he/she would feel in this situation. As a third activity, match the feelings tile with the children’s’ faces on the board and talk about different emotions.

Six “Feelings” Scenes

  • A boy is opening his birthday present.
  • A girl is sick in bed.
  • A man has a flat tire.
  • A girl has a frog jumping on her head.
  • A boy watches a dinosaur movie on TV.
  • A girl hurts knee in a bike accident.

Each set has:

  • One 14″ x 18″ sturdy, magnetic board.
  • Six feelings scenes (3½” x 3½”).
  • 2 vinyl, magnetic feelings tiles (2½” x 2½”).
  • Game ideas.
  • Easy storage plastic tote.