Magnetalk Early Classifying


Children learn to identify and categorize everyday items in this “life-like” magnetic game.

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By Sharon G. Webber

Ages 3 and Up

It’s a magnetic revolution!!! Super Duper® has combined real photos with the ever-popular world of magnetics to make this first game in the MagneTalk series. Your students will definitely be “attracted” to this life-like game, as they improve their classifying, vocabulary, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Early Classifying has these five categories:

  1. Transportation (car, bus, motorcycle, airplane, boat, helicopter, fire engine).
  2. Clothing (sneakers, socks, jeans, bathing suit, shirt, cap, coat).
  3. Animals (cat, dog, cow, horse, lizard, zebra, chicken).
  4. Food (apple, grapes, corn, peas, pizza, hamburger, cookie).
  5. Around the Home (chair, sofa, cup, cell phone, bed, lamp, television).

This innovative game includes:

  • One colorful 14″ X 18″ magnetic game board.
  • 35 photo magnetic vinyl tiles (1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″) with seven different photo magnets for each of the five categories.
  • Game Ideas.
Magnetalk Early Classifying has all the right ingredients for hours of educational fun!