Magnetalk Before And After Bears


Children must understand before and after in order to move on to sequencing, sentence building, and reading. This game makes learning this skill magnetically fun.

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MagneTalk Board Game

By Sharon G. Webber

PreK and Up

After your children play with this awesome magnetic set, they will be smarter than before! Magnetalk Before and After Bears is the essential game for learning early sequencing and sentence building skills.

Before and After scenes

Girl with messy hair/girl with neat hair
Egg cracking/hatched chicken
Boy with present/boy with football
Skinny worm with apple/fat worm with eaten apple
Spider starting to spin web/spider with finished web
Sad dog with empty bowl/happy dog with full bowl
Man fishing/man with big fish
Girl with bubbles/girl blowing bubbles
Woman taking a picture/framed picture
Child yawning/child sleeping in bed
Snowman starting to melt/melted snowman
Cat pulling on tablecloth/broken vase

    Each set has:

    • One 14″ x 18″ sturdy, magnetic board.
    • 24 vinyl, magnetic tiles (2½” x 2½”).
    • Game ideas.
    • Easy storage plastic tote.