Big Value Verbs Kit


Save! Now that’s a verb we all like to hear! With the Big Value Verbs Kit you’ll never run out of ideas for teaching students to conjugate verbs in the past, present, and future.

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Games, Books, and Fun Decks®

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This colossal kit valued at $438.97 includes two super-fun verb games, Fun Decks® targeting hard-to-teach verbs, verb photo cards, a reproducible workbook and much more!

The complete Big Value Verbs Kit includes:

  • FAS-555 Photo Fish and Say® Verbs

  • FD-28 Was and Were Fun Deck®
  • BGO-444 “Say & Do”® Verbs Bingo

  • FD-56 Do and Does Fun Deck®
  • BK-264 Yesterday’s Verbs

  • FD-49 Has and Have Fun Deck®
  • WVC-888 Webber® Verbs and More! Cards

  • FD-36 Happy Face Verbs Fun Deck®
  • FD-24 Is and Are Fun Deck®

  • WFC-02 Webber Photo Cards – Verbs
  • Sturdy Storage Box

P.S. In order to save you over 25% off retail, we’ve prepackaged your Big Value Kit in a storage box! So sorry, we are NOT able to substitute or exchange items! Best wishes!