Sign Language Bingo


All students love to play Bingo! Now you can teach 201 basic sign language vocabulary words with Sign Language Bingo!

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Learn sign language while playing BINGO!

By Tammy Winnie and Ashley Drennan

All Ages

Students can sign and say their way to hours of fun while learning beginning signs. This bingo set includes eight sign language themes: Letters, Numbers, Family, Feelings, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Time.

Sign Language Bingo Includes:

  • 48 laminated bingo playing boards (24 boards printed front and back). Boards are 8 1/2″ X 11″ and color coded for easy sorting.
  • 192 sign calling cards with storage bags. Cards are 2 1/8″ X 3 5/8″. (The caller can make the sign and have the student guess the word/sign or fingerspell the word/sign and have the students make the sign.)
  • Bingo chips (assorted colors) in a handy storage tub.
  • An instruction booklet.
  • One to six players