Pronoun Party Game Boards


Eight laminated games for personal, possessive, and reflexive pronouns.

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By Monica Gustafson, Molly DeShong and Thomas Webber

Grades K-5

A Pronoun Party is about to begin…so don’t miss out. Choose among eight different party themes pizza, skating, pool, birthday, zoo, beach, classroom or costume. Then, players move around the game board and practice a targeted set of pronouns as they go. Pronoun combinations include:

I/you; me/you; my/your; mine/yours; myself/yourself; we/you; us/you; our/your; ours/yours; ourselves/yourselves; he/she/it/they; him/her/it/them; his/hers/its/theirs, and himself/herself/itself/themselves.

Pronoun Party is unique in two ways. First, each game allows students to focus on a limited number of pronouns at a time. For example, in the I/you” game, students practice only the “I/you” pronouns. By limiting the number of pronouns in each game, students have the opportunity to master one set of pronouns before going on to the next set. Second, the games are flexible so that students in one game can learn to correctly combine pronouns with objects (I have a hat. You have a horn, etc.), and in the next game they can learn to combine pronouns with verbs (We are running. You are hopping, etc.). The variety of games to play are endless because any pronoun combination goes with any game board!

Pronoun Party includes:

  • 8 beautiful, laminated game boards
    (four 11″ x 17″, double-sided).
  • 192 illustrated party cards containing objects/verbs.
  • 16 Pronoun Pals with stands.
  • 6 pawns in assorted colors.
  • Instruction booklet with game ideas.
  • Clear tote bag and a die.

So let’s go! It’s time to party! 2-6 players.