Chipper Chat


Combine any reading, language, social skills, articulation, fluency, or voice game you can imagine with the magnetic “flying chip” fun of these open-ended game boards.

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Laminated Open-Ended Magnetic Chip Games for Language & Articulation

By Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy

Grades K-6

We guarantee once your kids see, feel, and hear their magnetic game chips “fly up” to the “magic wand,” they will ask to play Chipper Chat® every day. You will love the game’s open-ended flexibility, (language, articulation, fluency, and voice games), and variety (ten different games – forty total game boards). Here’s how it works. You choose your teaching topics. Students earn chips by making correct responses. After filling a game board up with chips, the fun begins as the students use the magnetic wand to remove chips from the board! Each Chipper Chat® includes:

  • 40 full-color, laminated, individual game boards. (A total of 10 different games with 4 individual boards per game)
  • 6″ x 9″ Game boards
    double-sided and laminated!
  • One large die
  • Magnetic wand
  • 100 magnetic chips
  • Instruction booklet
  • Dividers to separate games