Basic Proofing & Editing Super Fun Deck with Secret Decoder


Improve students’ proofing and editing skills using this 100-card interactive Fun Deck®.

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By Audrey Prince

Grades 3-8

The card deck has five sections using the COPS mnemonic strategy, (C=Capitalization, O=Overall Appearance, P=Punctuation, and S=Spelling), and a Combo section with all of the four error types.

Side “A” has three sentences: Sentence 1 has one error, Sentence 2 has two errors, and Sentence 3 has three or more errors.

Side “B” has a paragraph with five or more errors.

Each card has a number of possible “errors” highlighted in yellow. The student uses a dry erase marker to circle or correct the errors, and then uses the Secret Decoder to check their answers. Correct edits will turn red under the secret decoder light. Basic Proofing & Editing includes 100 cards, 4 dry erase markers, a decoder, and game ideas, all in a tin can.