100 Irregular Verbs in Sentences


Children will enjoy increasing their verb skills using this whimsically illustrated 100 Irregular Verbs in Sentences Super Fun Deck.

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By Molly DeShong

Grades 2-8

Each card front presents an illustration of the verb. The card back lists seven verb tenses in context within sentences. Read the sentences and have your students fill in the verbs using the correct tenses. Choose just the tense that you wish to practice or practice all the tenses together.

100 Irregular Verbs in Sentences Super Fun Deck teaches seven different tenses of irregular verbs:

  • Simple Present – beats, beat
  • Present Progressive – is beating, are beating
  • Present Perfect – has beaten, have beaten
  • Simple Past – beat
  • Past Progressive – was beating, were beating
  • Past Perfect – had beaten
  • Simple Future – will beat


Cards are 4″ x 6″ and come in a sturdy tin. Includes game ideas and content cards.