Conversations: A Framework for Language Intervention


Guide students to more effective conversation in the classroom, for family interactions, and in the community with this naturalistic approach developed by a leading language expert.

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By Barbara Hoskins, Ph.D.

For Professionals

Conversations is a resource for professionals working with students ages 11 and up who have difficulty with their communication and social skills. It provides a framework for leading effective conversational interaction, including 150 activities focusing on foundation skills needed for conversation and 7 guided conversations that focus on 7 key conversational moves:

  • Introducing a Topic
  • Maintaining a Topic
  • Introducing a Topic in an Elaborated Form
  • Extending a Topic
  • Changing a Topic
  • Requesting Clarification
  • Responding to Requests for Clarification

Conversations also includes: 1) a checklist for assessing the conversational skill needs of students, 2) goals and objectives, along with a cross-reference to the activities for each objective, 3) a charting form to track progress, and 4) a Session Planning Sheet for planning and managing sessions.

Use this book to plan sessions, select activities, and guide conversations with pairs or groups of individuals, as they work together to become more effective conversationalists. Professionals may also use Conversations to generate, adapt, and develop other productive ways of working with these varying age groups, such as within school settings to promote classroom interaction, or as a collaborative effort between different professionals. 340 pages. Perfect bound.