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Create 70+ activities that use common, inexpensive materials; develop such skills as matching, sorting, and counting; can be used in a variety of settings in early-childhood and preschool classrooms, or at home for family use.

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Easy-to-Make, Hands-On Learning Activities

By Dottie Zimmermann

Grades PreK-2

This rich resource guide of 70+ language-based activities is designed to appeal to and match the developmental levels of early learners. The book is divided into two sections:

  • Section1: Learning Activities provides you all the information you need to create a broad range of educator-made learning activities. This section contains a
    cross-reference chart that allows you to search for activities by theme or specific skill.
  • Section2: Storytelling Activities provides information for the construction of props for songs, finger plays, and stories. These activities are cross-referenced by developmental age, skill, and theme.