More Mini Mysteries Book and CD


A great way to spice up your reading comprehension, critical thinking, and listening curriculum!

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Activity Book & CD-ROM
Grades 3-4

Kids love a good mystery, and they won’t be disappointed with the 22 “who-dun its” Detective Bree Cody encounters in this captivating skill-based book.

Enthusiasm will skyrocket as students join police detective Bree Cody and her cat Rico, on a trek through the adventures of police work. The high-interest stories are sure to involve even the most reluctant readers as they investigate cases of theft, a missing person, arson, and much more! Mysterious characters such as Junkyard Jesse, an old miner from Landpuddle Lake; Mr. Dower, the druggist; and even a shy little pack rat add color and intrigue to the reading passages.

Reading comprehension and critical-thinking skills get a workout as students reach each mystery, then follow the clues to their logical conclusions. Clever questions and activities encourage students to find facts, read for details, analyze situations, make inferences, and predict outcomes. Plus, the CD helps each riddle come alive by adding entertaining music and sound effects to the story text.