Webber® Basic Concepts MagneFoamTM Magnets Level One


Webber MagneFoam Basic Concepts Magnets give children a fun way to touch and feel three-dimensional objects as they learn colors, descriptive words, location words, and more.

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Level One

Grades PreK-3

This set of 158 easy-to-hold magnets teach children all 54 concepts found in Level One of the Webber Basic Concepts Instructional Activity Program (and the WABC – Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts). Concepts are in opposite or related word pairs (big-little, hot-cold, up-down), and each set of magnets includes an unrelated magnet (FOIL) to help you increase the difficulty of your teaching. Use this Basic Concepts Magnets on any magnetic-receptive surface like the Tote and Talk Barrier Board, MagneTalk Barrier Game Stand, the 4-in-1 Activity Center, or your own magnetic board. Includes game ideas and activities. Magnets are 2″ diameter.