Deciders Home Version Combo – Includes Missions 1, 2 & 3


The Deciders Take On Concepts series has 4 unique adventures that give children the opportunity to interact with spatial, temporal, quantitative/qualitative, and social-emotional concepts in a motivating way!

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The Deciders® Take on Concepts
Story-Based CD-ROMs for Basic Concepts and Literacy!


Join the terrific team of five characters, “The Deciders®,” as they learn and practice 132 important spatial, temporal, quantitative/qualitative, and social-emotional concepts! Students become part of the Deciders team and help complete each Mission by following directions using the concepts. The Home Version offers the same adventures as the Educator’s Version and is perfect for parents to use at home.

Each CD in this series of three contains four unique and exciting adventures. A fun, context-based language learning approach is used to teach target concepts. CDs are divided into missions, including:


Mission I – Goobie Troubles – Children learn 45 basic concepts (e.g., first and last).

Mission II – Clutterbug’s Catastrophe – Children learn 44 later developing concepts (e.g., same and different).

Mission III – Discoball and the Disappearing Jellybeans -Children learn 43 even later developing concepts (e.g., to the right/left of).


Missions I and II use a listen-and-interact, storybook format. Mission III extends the format with a more open-ended, child-directed play design.




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