Basic Concept & Vocabulary Roundup


This multi-use reproducible will help your early learners expand their vocabulary, basic concept, sight words, categorization, describing, listening, and reading skills.

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Reproducible Pictures and Auditory Bombardment Lists for Language Development

Book and Printable CD-ROM

By Beverly Foster

Grades PreK-3

The legendary Super Duper® Round-Up series brings wild west excitement to teaching basic concepts and vocabulary with this comprehensive 247-page blackline reproducible.

It includes:

  • 324 beautiful 4″ x 5 1/2″ target vocabulary word-pictures.
  • Ten categories of vocabulary words – furniture & appliances, body parts, weather, verbs, tools, sports, kitchen items, musical instruments, and jobs & occupations.
  • 224 breathtaking 4″ x 5 1/2 ” target concept word-pictures. For the concepts: in, on, under, beside, behind, in front of, between, whole, half, pair, forward and backwards.
  • 56 auditory bombardment sheets containing target concept words in sentences.

How does this all work? Simple! Just reproduce the pictures you need. Punch a hole in the corner of each picture and put them on a ring. What ring? A “Rinky Link.” To get you started you receive a Free Pack of these rings. If you need more, just call us up and order more by pony express! Hee-haw, it’s spiral bound too!