Educating Children and Youth with Autism Second Edition


Educating Children and Youth with Autism -Second Edition is an educator-oriented guide dedicated to providing professionals and educators with current information, guidelines, and resources on ASD.

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Strategies for Effective Practice – Second Edition

Autism Spectrum Disorders span a wide range of complex characteristics, developmental disabilities, behaviors, and functioning levels, from mild to severe. This diverse range contributes to the difficulty in designing effective educational and treatments programs, as each individual requires specific needs. 



  1. Understanding and Responding to the Needs of Children and Youth with ASD
  2. Assessment of Students with ASD
  3. Instructional Strategies to Facilitate Successful Learning Outcomes for Students with ASD
  4. Management of Students with ASD
  5. The Communicative Context of Autism
  6. Promoting Social-Communicative Competence of Children with Autism in Integrated Environments
  7. A Sensory-Processing Approach to Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  8. Inclusion of Students with ASD in General Education Settings
  9. Transition Planning for Students with ASD:  Building Bridges to the Future
  10. Self-Determination and Learners with ASD
  11. Efficacious Interventions and Treatments for Learners with ASD


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