From Sentence to Narrative


Applying the same techniques used in Talking in Sentences, this book encourages students to tell simple narratives.

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By Marilyn Toomey

Grades PreK and Up

This excellent resource will help you lead students to move from talking in sentences to formulating sentence combinations, writing paragraphs and retelling stories. This book gives you what you need to help your students combine their sentences into more elaborate and complex spoken and written passages. Guided by presentation narratives, picture cues and prompts, students acquire the ability to formulate several types of narratives:

Section 1: Students learn to generate personal narratives.

Section 2: Students form simple narratives about animals, foods and objects, comparing same and different characteristics of groups as well as Individual items.

Section 3: Students construct narratives about complex events.

Section 4: Students retell two familiar fairy tales in simple narrative form.