The Entire World of L Idioms


At a loss for words? Want to motivate your students by a mile? Do you need more interesting and versatile /l/ phoneme practice material?

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By Sheila McGovern, M.S., SLP

The Entire World of L Idioms, includes both articulation and language practice for all word positions of /l/, including initial /l/, medial /l/, final /l/, and mixed /l/.

Over 60 idioms, each containing a /l/ sound is found in this single volume practice book.

Each section includes exercises for Idiom Definitions, True/False, Matching, Alphabetize and Fill-In. All exercises will test idiom comprehension and practice /l/ articulation. All activities can be used singularly for learning idioms or for practicing /l/.

Designed for middle-school, high-school and ESL students, it is age-appropriate for students 8 and up.