“Say & Do” Artic Bingo Sets (R)


Guess the riddles for five in a row…That’s how you play R Artic Bingo!

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Five in a row…”Bingo!”

Grades PreK and Up

Each Artic Bingo set includes:

  • 12 (8 1/2″x 11″) full color, laminated Artic Bingo Boards printed front and back! This gives you six initial, medial, final, and combo boards. 24 playing surfaces in all.
  • 24 colorful pictures on each board.
  • 96 riddle calling cards. Cards are 2 1/8″ x 3 5/8″. (The caller can either read the riddle and have students guess the answer or the caller can show the target picture and say the word.)
  • Bingo chips (assorted colors) in a handy storage tub.
  • Bingo Boards and Calling Cards are color-coded for easy sorting! Green (Initial), Red (Medial), Purple (Final), and Blue (I,M,F combo). Order your “Say and Do” Artic Bingo sets today and get ready for the compliments. “Cool,” “Awesome,” “Groovy.” From 2-6 players. (Great for all ages!)