Flip and Say Articulation Flip Book Combo


Treating articulation errors has never been easier or more fun, than with the Flip and Say Articulation Flip 4-book combo.

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By Christine Ristuccia, M.S., CCC-SLP

Grades PreK and Up

Common articulation error sounds (S, Z, SH, CH, J, ZH, K, G, TH, F and V) are all found in four colorful change-a-story flipbooks. Each book contains three flip-able panels that allow students to change one or all three sections of amusing and fun sentence stories. Each panel is divided and color-coded by sound and word position (initial, medial, final) for quick and easy identification.

The books are versatile because, besides articulation practice, you can use the books for expressive and receptive language development. Great for teaching and practicing verb tenses, pronouns, prepositional phrases, syntax, sentence formulation and word retrieval, why/how prediction, Wh- questions, vocabulary development, basic concepts and story telling. Appropriate for working on autism, early intervention, fluency and general education.

Your students will love practicing their sounds as they make endless sentence story combinations over 200, 000 in all!.  You’ll love the convenience, ease of use, and versatility for receptive and expressive language practice.


The Entire World of S & Z Change-a-Story Flip Book (41 pages)

The Entire World of SH & CH Change-a-Story Flip Book (43 pages)

The Entire World of K & G Change-a-Story Flip Book (28 pages)

The Entire World of TH, F & V Change-a-Story Flip Book (36 pages)