ConverStation Graphic Expression Activity Workbook


The 150 page ConverStation Graphic Expression Activity Workbook is filled with functional writing activities. Each activity complements a question from the ConverStation board game.

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There are 240 questions divided into four question category chapters: Wh- Questions; ‘If I…’; ‘Tell about…’, and; ‘How do you….’ Each question focuses on a variety of speech-language skills, including:

· Organization

· Memory

· Language

· Vocabulary

· Categorization

· Sequencing

· Word finding

· Yes/no questions

· Fluency

· Pragmatics

· Problem solving

To maximize versatility for the busy SLP, the each chapter contains writing activities that are targeted for adults (“tell about where you lived as a child”), children (“what rules at school would you change? and both (“what did you do this weekend?”).

Appropriate for ages 5 through adulthood. Designed for the general education audience, as well as clients with aphasia, stroke, TBI, learning disabilities and anyone having difficulty with receptive and expressive language skills.

Sample activities:

Chapter 1 Wh- Questions activities include: filling out a daily routine; writing a post card; using a phone book; answering the questions “What would you do with $100?”.

Chapter 2 “How do you…” activities include: playing Bingo, listing qualities of a good friend, comparing oneself to others, describing how to brush ones teeth.

Chapter 3 “If I…” activities include: “What would you do if you found a wallet?”, writing a letter to the mayor, introducing yourself, listing favorite pastimes.

Chapter 4 “Tell about…” activities include: creating a family tree, buying presents, describing your most memorable birthday.