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Chipper Chat®
Magnetic Chip Articulation and Language Games for S, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, TH, F, K and G

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By Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy
Grades Pre K and Up

Ultra-popular Chipper Chat® magnetic chip fun brings unmatched learning excitement to articulation therapy. Students pick up question cards (Name a flower that rhymes with nose.) and search their sound-loaded picture boards for the correct picture answer (rose). As they say their target words, players fill up their board with magnetic chips. When the boards are full, each child waves a “magic” wand over the board and chips begin to “fly” up to it!

Artic Chipper Chat®

  • Targets 12 sounds – S, R, L, S Blends, R Blends, L Blends, SH, CH, TH, F, K, and G.
  • Has 450 double-sided question/answer cards.
  • Allows play at initial, medial, final, and combo levels.

Artic Chipper Chat® is also a language game that targets:

  • Phonemic Awareness: Early rhyming skills.
  • Vocabulary Building: Exposure to and practice of 450 nouns.
  • Naming: “Name the jewelry that you wear on your finger¦ring.”
  • Listening skills: Auditory Processing of information presented orally.
  • Social skills: Turn-taking, topic maintenance, and sharing information.
  • Analogies: “A monkey eats a banana. A rabbit eats a¦ carrot.”

Artic Chipper Chat® Includes:

  • 60 individual laminated game boards (5 each of 12 different 11″x 10″ scenes).
  • 450 laminated cards:
  • 45 cards each for S, R, L, SH, CH, and TH (15 initial, 15 medial, and 15 final position)
  • 30 cards each for S, R, and L Blends (initial)
  • 30 cards each for K, G, and F (10 initial, 10 medial, and 10 final)
  • Magnetic wand and 100 magnetic chips.
  • A die, instruction booklet, and sturdy, plastic tote.

Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4 (Click on picture to enlarge)

CC-66 Artic Chipper Chat CC-66 Artic Chipper Chat CC-66 Artic Chipper Chat CC-66