Magnetalk Early Photo Rhymes


Encourage critical pre-reading rhyming skills with this irresistible game.

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By Sharon G. Webber

Ages 3 and Up

Oink, oink! Anyone seen any pigs in wigs? They’re all right here in this innovative Magnetalk Early Photo Rhymes magnetic board game! Students match 24 pairs of rhyming words. Each set is color-coded (24 pink and 24 teal), so that a pink tile always rhymes with a teal tile. The magnetic board holds sixteen rhyming pairs at a time. 1 to 4 players.

Rhyming pairs include:

flag/bag frog/dog horn/corn mail/snail
fan/man mouse/house ring/king moon/spoon
star/car truck/duck crown/clown phone/bone
hat/cat mug/bug men/hen snake/cake
red/bed sun/run pie/tie coat/goat
pear/bear sock/clock box/fox rose/nose





You receive:

  • One 14″ x 18″ sturdy, magnetic board.
  • 48 vinyl, magnetic tiles (1¾” x 1¾”) that are color-coded (24 pink and 24 teal).
  • Game ideas.
  • Easy storage plastic tote.